Polyurethane parts

We supply polyurethane paddles made in germany. We also supply polyurethane plates usable in any hoppers, slides, etc. where is high abrasion. Lopatky Habermann

Polyurethane paddles of all shapes and sizes are permanently on stock.

Polyurethane plates

For charging hoppers, skids and other wear stressed surfaces we supply special wear-resistant polyuretan plates. Like the paddles these plates are outstandigly resistant against abrasion.

Output conePrimer for concrete mixer

Lining of concrete factory primer and output hopper under concrete mixer itself with polyurethane plates.

Mixer truck input hopper lining Mixer truck output hopper lining

Lining of input and output hoppers for concrete mixer truck. The lining itself can be done even by the driver.

Example of using polyurethane plates as lining of charging hopper. Polyurethane plates are not porous so the transported material is gliding easily.